Best Soundbar In India 2021 (Bose, JBL, Yamaha, Sony)

A best soundbar works great when it’s hard for you to listen to your TV from across the room due to low volume. A high-resolution TV and a good surround soundbar are required to get a great cinematic experience while sitting at home.

Soundbars have become one of the most significant aspects of modern television. Also have a look at the best budget soundbars.

You are not going to think about the home theatre when you have the right soundbar for your TV. A home theatre system is often bulky and costly. While the Soundbars are sleek, cheap, easy to set up and are the perfect way for a number of people to get outstanding quality sound from a TV.

They offer technologies like Dolby Atmos, surround sound and some are complete 5.1 setups. Read this article to know which are the best Dolby Atmos Soundbars in 2021.

Choosing the Best Soundbar in India for your home can be quite challenging, since there are many choices available in the market.

So, keeping this in mind and to ease your worries we have made a list of best soundbar in India. We haven’t tested any of the soundbars on this list, they’re here because of the features and specs they provide.

Best Soundbar In India

  1. JBL 5.1 Channel Soundbar
  2. Polk Audio Command Bar
  3. Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar
  4. Yamaha YAS-209
  5. JBL Bar 2.1
  6. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar
  7. Yamaha YAS 109

1. JBL 5.1 Channel Soundbar

JBL stands right there when it comes to providing high-quality sound. This JBL 5.1 channel soundbar is a great soundbar that provides an impressive power of 510W. For LED TVs, it is an excellent soundbar, as it can considerably increase the sound levels.

It comes with a robust 10 inches wireless subwoofer. It will convert your movie-watching experience into a memorable one by transforming it into a theatre-like atmosphere.

This incredible soundbar comes with removable wireless battery powered surround speakers that will continue to deliver outstanding sound quality for at least ten hours at a time.

This strong speaker’s highlighting feature is that it’s compatible with your TV remote. Thus, it becomes easy to operate this soundbar.

To enjoy movies, music and video games it comes with features like Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS. This soundbar comes with three HDMI ports which helps to connect different devices such as a home theatre set and other 4K devices.

Bluetooth compatibility guarantees that your device is connected easily without the use of cables and wires.

The JBL 5.1 soundbar features JBL SoundShift, which lets you to easily switch between the sound on your TV and the Bluetooth sound on your smartphone or tablet. To boost the look of your living room, this elegant soundbar fits beautifully on the walls.

The wireless subwoofer configuration is the absolute winner because it is an outstanding accessory to have in your hall because of the absence of wires.

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Good connectivity options
  • Theatre like experience with high quality bass
  • Short Bluetooth range

2. Polk Audio Command Bar

The Polk Audio Command Bar is long and sleek with an elegant design and excellent built quality. It has an LED on the front which changes colors to signify inputs and modes.

This soundbar comes with two speakers: front and right, a round tweeter and one active wireless subwoofer in matte black. The output of each speaker is 80W (total 160w) and that of subwoofer is 100W which makes the total output as 260W.

It comes with a remote to control the soundbar with all the buttons. The remote is full sized and has a rubber finish with silver trim. You can set the bass level, volume up/down, play and pause with the remote. There is also a button to activte Alexa. This soundbar comes with the support of Dolby Digital and DTS Surround Sound.

Connectivity options include an HDMI out(ARC), two HDMI in, one Optical digital port and a USB port. It also comes with bluetooth and Dual Band Wi-Fi connectivity options.

This soundbar comes with built-in Amazon Alexa to easily control play, pause, volume up/down and source selection with your voice. This soundbar also comes with Spotify and Philip’s Hue support. You can stream your favourite music from your smartphone over Bluetooth or just ask Alexa to play music from Spotify over Wi-Fi.

This soundbar has plenty of features and one of the feature is a dedicated Firestick slot. It has a brilliant sound for the price point, it’s crystal clear and bass is punchy which will fill your entire room with surround sound with its subwoofer.

  • Great sound quality
  • Well integrated bass
  • Alexa built in
  • Feature-packed
  • Fantastic value
  • No HDR playback
  • No display

3. Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar

Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar

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The Sony HT-RT3 is an economical and one of the best soundbar in India that can simultaneously produce power-packed output. It’s easy to set up this soundbar as it does not have many attachments.

Accompanying the soundbar are two rear speakers and a subwoofer. There are colour codes for the wires and points that make it easy to connect without waiting for the Sony technician to appear. Setting up the soundbar with a Blu-ray player is simple as well. This soundbar is Bluetooth and NFC compatible.

The USB audio playback option enables you to use the home theatre to turn off the TV and still play music. Thanks to the easy remote interface, controlling the soundbar is convenient. It is fully compatible with Chromecast and Apple TV and is among the most popular soundbars.

The Sony HT-RT3 can simultaneously produce power-packed output. The 5.1 channel True Surround Sound is the best aspect of this Sony soundbar, as it brings movies as well as other actions to life.

  • Sound output is superb
  • Connectivity options are excellent
  • Installation is easy
  • 5.1 channel real surround sound
  • No wireless speakers

4. Yamaha YAS-209

The Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar is 2.5 inches tall and 37 inches tall with controls on the top. It comes with a subwoofer. On the top of the soundbar there is a small display to let you know which settings you are on.

The inputs are placed on the top and back which include an HDMI in and out port, Ethernet port, USB slot and an optical audio in. There is no 3.5mm audio jack.

The remote of the soundbar is larger than normal, and its back is nicely curved. Due to the small size of the LED display, the remote is one of the key methods of communicating with the soundbar. The set of the buttons is extensive and simple to use.

The Yamaha YAS-209 supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. There’s a built-in Alexa voice control in the soundbar, and so you can connect your phone or tablet for playing  music from your favourite apps, listen to news, set alarm and timers, ask questions, control smart home devices and more.

The soundbar does not have the support for Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay. The soundbar supports both Dolby Digital and DTS.

  • Good built quality
  • Good stereo performance
  • Easy setup
  • Built-in Alexa
  • Doesn’t support Google Chromecast

5. JBL Bar 2.1

JBL Bar 2.1 soundbar comes with four speakers, two tweeters and one wireless active subwoofer. JBL doesn’t tell output of the speakers separately but the total output is 300W.

In this soundbar you get 2.25-inch speaker drivers, 1.25-inch tweeters and a wireless 6.5-inch active subwoofer.

This soundbar comes with the support of JBL surround sound and Dolby Digital to provide balanced sound and deep bass for your movies, music and video games. It is 38-inch wide and weighs 1.9Kg.

Connectivity options include HDMI port in and out, AUX, USB, one optical port. With simple control options, this JBL 2.1 soundbar features a helpful screen concealed behind the speaker grille.

It allows you to determine the optimal amount of volume and options for input. It is also also possible to synchronise with your current TV remote.

It also features a USB input and is Bluetooth compatible. JBL 2.1 does not, however, link to your Wi-Fi at home. In any case, if you have Bluetooth to connect to certain devices, you do not need to use the Wi-Fi feature. It is convenient to share your music files via Bluetooth.

JBL offers a lot for the price, including a powerful soundbar, a wireless subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity, and a very functional remote. It’s sound quality is strong, with deep lows that can be dialed up or back, crisp highs that deliver audio cleanly, and several variations on the sound signature when adjusting bass or listening modes.

  • Well built and easy plug and play
  • Affordable
  • Slimmer profile
  • Powerful audio performance with strong, adjustable bass and bright highs
  • Useful remote
  • Various sound modes, including virtual surround
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • Light on accessories
  • Optical cable doesn’t stay in place well

6. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar

Another best soundbar in India is Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System with embedded subwoofer. It is a compact speaker system with good built quality, capable of delivering excellent performance. Even though it is a little one, the speaker has smart looks and doesn’t take a lot of space.

This soundbar does not has any control buttons. The universal remote can control your soundbar and other compatible devices. This comes with channel control, control buttons, as well as other necessary options needed to run your Television, DVD / Blu-ray player, or satellite set-top box.

Fast connectivity options such as auxiliary, optical, and coaxial cables come with the Bose Solo 5. There is no HDMI ARC support on this soundbar, but it is Bluetooth compatible to play content wirelessly. Also, it does not have NFC technology.

There is also an Optical Audio In for surround sound and an Analog 3.5mm input to connect your phone or any other device.

The various sound modes that other Bose soundbars have does not come with this model. However, in order to enhance the sound clarity of your movies, you should switch on the dialogue mode.

This soundbar is provided with two speakers in the centre of the bar. Therefore, the Surround Sound facility is not provided, particularly when watching movies. The good side of this soundbar is that it has mids and trebles that are crisp, although the consistency of the bass requires improvement.

It’s easy to mount the soundbar on the wall, but you have to buy the relevant brackets. They are not accompanied by this kit.

  • Compact soundbar
  • Excellent Features
  • Good sound quality
  • No WIFI
  • No HDMI port

7. Yamaha YAS 109

Yamaha has produced number of best soundbars in India and one of them is Yamaha YAS 109 soundbar. It is 35-inch wide with sleek design and weighs 3.4Kg.

This soundbar comes with two 30W Speakers, two tweeters and one built-in subwoofer. The output of all speakers is 60W and that of subwoofer is 60W which makes the total output as 120W.

The Yamaha YAS 109 Soundbar offers the same built-in Amazon Alexa functionality, simple controls, and quality sound as the Yamaha Yas 209 Soundbar. It is wall mountable.

This soundbar comes with the support of Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic 2 and DTS Virtual:X virtual 3D surround sound technology. 

Connectivity options include HDMI in and out port, a port for connecting extra subwoofer, network options and bluetooth. This soundbar comes with Alexa and Spotify support.

The Yamaha YAS 109 is a great and one of the best soundbar in India if you have a limited budget, smaller room, and want the excellent functionality that comes with Alexa built-in.

If you had just bought a new TV and you are looking for a way to better enjoy your favourite films and shows, then Yamaha YAS 109 is a great option.

  • Clear, crisp sound signature
  • Multiple sound modes
  • Alexa and Spotify Connect built-in
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • No discrete subwoofer
  • Virtual surround can add sibilance
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