Sucuri Website Security: 8 Reasons To Choose Sucuri For Your Website

Are you worried about hackers bringing your website down, or spreading your users with malware? Then, to keep your site secure, you need a website security plugin.

The leading name for your software and website security is Sucuri, and their WordPress security plugin is among the most powerful. Find out in our Sucuri review if Sucuri for your WordPress website security is right or not.

Sucuri is a reputable and globally recognized top WordPress website security company specialising in website security. They offer continuous scanning for antivirus and malware, removal of malware and hack repair, blacklist monitoring and brand reputation, and DDoS security.

Their services operate on any form of website, like WordPress, Joomla, or Magento. They do provide customer service and assured response times by their response team for malware removal and hack repair.

When you activate Sucuri, all of your site traffic goes through Sucuri’s cloudproxy firewall before it reaches to your hosting server. This makes it possible for them to block all attacks and only send legitimate visitors to you.

Sucuri’s greatest advantage is that it makes your website safer. On addition of that, the firewall makes your website quicker, and because your server load goes down dramatically, you save money on your hosting bill.

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should you choose Sucuri for your WordPress website Security?

There are a millions of reasons I’d suggest Sucuri for your WordPress website security. The company provides a website monitoring, removal of malware and all the relevant website security services for the website that you will need. 

It’s best to distinguish between its three categories (SEcuri Security, Securi Firewall and Securi Platform) while talking about how Sucuri functions:

Sucuri Security is a wordpress plugin that comes with basic hardening features for WordPress security. The plugin’s free account does not have a firewall.

The Sucuri Firewall (WAF) is a subscription service which can be combined with the free plug-in for Sucuri Security. The firewall can also be used without a plugin.

This includes website security features such as Website Application Firewall (WAF), CDN, geographical load balancing, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), DDoS mitigation and prevention, and a host of other resources.

The Sucuri Platform is a pack of security services which is focused on premium cloud. This includes all that is included with the Sucuri Firewall, plus other main features such as monitoring and detection.

You may ask the Sucuri team to delete all malware & blacklist alerts for your website by signing up for the Sucuri Platform.

8 reasons to choose Sucuri for your WordPress Website Security

Below are the top 8 reasons why you should choose Sucuri as your WordPress security solution:

1. Sucuri Blocks all Attacks

Sucuri’s firewall can block all the attacks before your server is even touched. As one of the leading security firms, Sucuri proactively investigates and identifies possible security problems to the core team of WordPress and third-party plugins.

The firewall defends you from attempts to hack your website by brute force, including unique WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS security. The firewall also defends against attacks such as SQL injections that take advantage of code vulnerabilities.

In solving the website security problems, their team works closely with the respective developers. Once patched, in case you didn’t get a chance to upgrade your plugin quick enough, Sucuri patches certain vulnerabilities at the firewall stage.

2. Supports Several Website Platforms

The services and products offered by Sucuri are not just for WordPress. Websites that run on Joomla, Drupal, PHP, .NET and even good old HTML are also supported.

3. WordPress Website Security Plugin

Sucuri provides a free plugin for WordPress website owners, which you can install just like a standard WordPress plugin.

The user interface is pretty quick. If Sucuri suggests that you apply any security hardening settings, activating them requires only a single click.

You need to create its free API key once you activate the plugin, that you can do right from the WordPress dashboard.

Most of its security features are automated by Sucuri, you can configure them once and forget for ever and ever. You will not have to think about the plugin being modified or maintained either.

This will audit all activities on your website, such as file updates, new post additions, user logging (and unsuccessful login attempts), uploading files, and more. If it detects an infringement, Sucuri will notify you.

But if you want to manually take over, it gives you a lot of choices. And because Sucuri’s WAF is cloud-based, no technical maintenance from your end is required.

The plugin also guarantees that your core WordPress files are secure, which is necessary, considering that certain hackers try to conceal malware inside files that look legitimate at first glance.

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4. Website Security/Integrity Monitoring

Sucuri 2-in-1 Website AntiVirus package comes with the Sucuri Sitecheck scanner. Your website will be inspected automatically every three hours to check that it is clean of malware, suspicious redirects, iframes, spammy link injections, etc.

The frequency at which the scanner runs its malware and blacklist checks, content changes in the core files, WHOIS changes and DNS changes can be set manually.

The scanner also ensures that none of the popular services such as Google, AVG, Norton, Opera. Phishtank, SiteAdvisor, Yandex and others have blacklisted your website.

5. Server Side Scanning

Some hackers don’t think about infecting the users with malwares. Sometimes they only want to insert banner ads in your old article or replace your affiliate links.

That’s when the server side scanner comes in handy. The Server Side Scan scans your web server and goes through every single file to make sure that nothing suspicious is going on in your web server.

6. Security Alerts

If anything suspicious is found on your website by the Sucuri website monitoring system, you are informed immediately by the Sucuri team.

Sucuri offers a variety of methods that you can easily configure including email, Twitter, SMS, IMs and RSS.

7. Hack Repair And Malware Cleanup

The Sucuri team not only detects the malware, but they’ll even clean up the website for you with no page limit.

Sucuri team will also help you to remove your website from Google blacklisting if your website has been blacklisted by search engines.

For their malware removal and hack repair service, Sucuri includes guaranteed response times (from 4 to 12 hours depending on your subscription package).

Sucuri promises 100% cleanup of your site.

8. 24x7 Impeccable Support

Sucuri has 24/7 customer service, which ensures you will have access to their staff anytime a day. They give their premium users an instant chat option as well.

With the latest developments, Sucuri engineers are always up-to-date and keep their clients updated about security threats.

To help you defend your website from threats, you can easily rely on their support team.

Now that the reasons for purchasing Sucuri for your website security have been discussed, let’s take a look at their pricing plans.

Sucuri Pricing

best website security plugin

For personal to business websites, Sucuri offers 3 pricing plans. The 3 plans are divided into the categories of Basic, Professional and Business. All the plans have different features and pricing.

The Basic plan of Sucuri is affordable and every 12 hours it scans your website for the security check. It comes with an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, and costs $199.99 a year.

The Professional plan scans your website every 6 hours to secure your WordPress website from security threats. Other than that, a custom SSL certificate comes with it, and costs $299.99 per year.

The most advanced and powerful plan of Sucuri is its Business Plan. It has the quickest response to attacks and security threats.

If you buy this plan, it comes with instant Sucuri team chat support, blacklist alerts, advanced DDoS protection, and much more. It costs $499.99 a year.


Sucuri is perfect for organizations that do not have their own team of internal security professionals, especially if you are managing sensitive data or need to comply with security or privacy laws.

To keep their site secure, any site owner who may be vulnerable to DDoS attacks or hackers should think about investing in Sucuri for their complete website security.

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