Social Rabbit Plugin Review 2021: Social Media Marketing WordPress Plugin

Social Rabbit Plugin Review 2021

Social networking has become a big part of any person’s life. People are finding friends, reading articles, or even purchasing goods there. This is why every online businessman invests a lot of time, energy and resources on social networking sites to promote their websites. And we all know that it is a very tough job.

In this Social Rabbit Plugin review, let’s know that how you can really start saving up to 40 hours a week on social media marketing by premaking content and automating posting. To make this possible, we’ll tell you how to use a WordPress website and a special plugin, all while growing traffic to your website.

Just imagine! the traffic on your site and the amount of sales are continually increasing While you enjoy personal time or focus on other significant business dealings. What you need is automated social media marketing. Let’s just know how to do it with the help of the Social Rabbit Plugin.

Social Rabbit Plugin Review: Contents

What Is Social Rabbit Plugin

social rabbit plugin review

Social Rabbit Plugin is an ace-high tool to boost your sales through social media activities. It’s a super powerful WordPress plugin for auto-running social accounts.

With this plugin, you can auto-promote your business on four top social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You can use it on any WordPress site.

For all of these social media networks, Social Rabbit creates scheduled posts and draws more attention to your accounts by following, liking and commenting on the posts and accounts of users.

What is really amazing about Social Rabbit Plugin is that you don’t even have to make new posts yourself. Social Rabbit will automatically add images to the media gallery according to the appropriate keywords.The plugin will create posts from images loaded into the media gallery of your website and text and hashtag templates.

Social Rabbit takes your hands off all the boring, tedious work of posting social media posts, freeing up hours of time and helping to increase your social media traffic and sales. You would never want to run your social networks by yourself ever again once you use this magical plugin. You can try the 7 days fee trial.

Benefits Of Automated Social Media Marketing With Social Rabbit

  • You will start getting stable and quality traffic from your social media accounts to your website with Social Rabbit Plugin. By publishing everyday many promotional and entertaining posts, you will get more reliable sources through which people can find your website .

  • Your sales will start growing. Because the more traffic you get, the more your site is visited by potential customers and the more revenue you will make.

  • Your ranking will start getting better on search engines. Google and other search engines actually loves social media for its quality backlinks. You will begin to see a great boost in your SEO with constant posting as well.

  • A reduction in your daily tasks. You probably noticed how much time you had to spend when you began to use SMM in your promotional strategies. But when everything is fully automated, you have loads of free hours that you can spend on something more important e.g. on your friends and relatives.

Unique Features Of Social Rabbit Plugin

  1. It provides stable quality traffic from social media networks
  2. It provides “human-like” smart posting
  3. It improves your social accounts by paying attention to your business
  4. The easy and one-time setup takes just a few minutes
  5. It requires no management at all, saving you up to 40 hours per week
  6. You get free app updates and support for lifetime
  7. It is perfect for any website or blog on WordPress or WooCommerce

What Social Rabbit Plugin Can Do

social rabbit plugin review

There are four major social networking sites that have a more or less global coverage: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Social Rabbit can automatically perform several types of actions in your store accounts on any (or all) of these social networks. Based on the settings you have chosen, Social Rabbit will:

  • Create engaging posts

By using text templates, hashtags, and photos that you’ve earlier uploaded to the database, the Social Rabbit randomly combine these elements to create appealing and catchy articles. It will do all the work of promotion of social media content for you.

  • Post articles from your blogs on social media

You probably want to get as many people as possible to read what you’re publishing when you are running a blog in your store. Again from your blog posts, Social Rabbit selects one random article and places its link, title, and brief extract in the appropriate social media post. The publishing of these articles chronologically is also possible.

  • Increase the reach of your posts with hashtags and the Mutual Promotion tool

Hashtags are important for your promotional purposes. But the right ones should be selected. The Social Rabbit looks at the picture of a product to help you do this and recommends relevant hashtags to include.

When you turn the Mutual Promotion on, your Social Rabbit will begin to like, follow and comment on the pages of other Rabbit owners on Instagram and Pinterest. And the good thing is, they’re going to do the same for you. It is difficult to imagine how your reach as well as the number of followers will grow.

  • Like, Comment and Follow the posts of other users

Once again, Social Rabbit goes through the pages containing keywords relevant to the niche of your store. The Rabbit follows these pages automatically, likes the post published there and comments on them to draw attention to your social media profile of the store.

  • Post your online store products to promote them and increase your sales

In this situation, each post is focused to one of your store’s services and products: Social Rabbit randomly publishes the image of a product along with its title, price, and link.

  • Search shoutout partners

This feature is only limited to your instagram account. To ask for a business relationship, you have to define the keyword(s) relevant to your store and write a template message. In order to find the correct Instagram pages, The Social Rabbit uses the given list of keywords and automatically sends its owners the template message you have created.

How To Set Up Social Rabbit Plugin

Setting up Social Rabbit Plugin is very quick and easy. All you need to do is to Get the Social Rabbit Plugin and install it in your WordPress website. A detailed guideline on How to install Social Rabbit will be sent after the purchase right into your mailbox.

After you finish the installation process of the plugin, you first have to link the plugin to every social media account that you will be promoting.

It is done through the ‘Main Settings’ tab. You can find specific instructions on enabling these main settings for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram in the Knowledge Base of Social Rabbit.

social rabbit plugin review

Now it’s time to decide what the Rabbit will be writing and posting to your social media platforms.

You have to start by adding photos to the Social Rabbit Gallery on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Every one of these images will appear in your social media posts, so be careful to only upload high-quality and attractive images.

And if you don’t know where to find the high-quality images, just use the built-in free stock images import from or within the plugin.

How To Avoid A Spammy-Looking Account With Social Rabbit

Social Rabbit is not a bot, it is a WordPress plugin. You need to do is to set up the plugin according to your preferences. It means that before the plugin starts promoting your WordPress site on social networks, you will need to choose what, when and where the Rabbit will post.

Just go to the relevant ‘Posting Settings‘ tab to set the publishing settings for all the four social networking sites. But in general, every social media network has same settings and parameters:

1. Frequency to post

You can set the exact amount of days, hours, minutes and even seconds to let the Rabbit generate a new post for you. Social Rabbit can schedule posts within the time frames you’ve set.

2. Posting time randomizer

If each of your posts is posted at exact same time everyday, your followers/subscribers will think it’s an automated spam activity. So, It is suggested to turn on the randomizer to make the posts look more real. It allows you to choose a ‘deviation’ time frame, and enables it to publish every post at a slightly different time every day.

3. Hashtags

If your social media post does not contain hashtags, then people who are interested in this specific niche or area will not discover it. You can easily write hashtags on the Social Rabbit Posting Settings pages that are relevant to your store.

The Social Rabbit plugin often uses machine learning to look at every featured image of the product and recommends the appropriate hashtags for this product.

4. Reviews

You should post positive feedback from your customers if you want to increase the trust of your followers. Show them that your goods are excellent and your service is outstanding.

You’re certainly not going to look like a spammer if you vary the content with different types.

5. Text Templates

Note that the Rabbit does not write his own texts with the power of artificial intelligence. It is important to decide what exactly will be posted In these self-generated posts.

The concept behind the tool was to make these automated posts appear as human-like as possible, so that the system simply takes various pieces of content that you have previously added to its database and combine them randomly.

This is why writing short and slightly abstract texts that fit every picture you’ve uploaded is necessary. Otherwise, it is likely that the randomiser would create a meaningless post with an image and a text that will look like a spam.

These texts are written in the Template area, and actually, it’s not just words and emojis that can be put there. The system also allows so-called ‘tags’ to be written along with the text.

Each tag is a shortcut for a particular action: for instance, if you write the %URL% tag, a product link will be included in the published post, and if you write the %PRICE% tag, then the specific product price will also be included in the published post. You will find all these tags written right below the Template field for your ease.

Here is a full list of tags:

%TITLE% — product title/post title
%URL% — product link
%TAGS% – hashtags
%EXCERPT% — short product description
%FULLTEXT% — full product description
%PRICE% — product price
%SALEPRICE% — discount price
%HOMEURL% — home URL link
%SITENAME% — website name

What Do You Need To Use Social Rabbit

Social Rabbit is a WordPress plugin. To start using it, you don’t need any extra tools, only
a WordPress site with PHP 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3 version.

Social Rabbit Plugin Pricing

social rabbit pricing

Social Rabbit Plugin comes in three plans with one time payment. You can also get 7 days free trial.

1. Basic: $69 for 1 website
2. Expanded: $149 for 3 websites
3. Advanced: $209 for 5 websites

Final Conclusion

If you have read the whole Social Rabbit Plugin review, now you know how useful this tool is. Look at all of its features. The interface is super user-friendly and works perfectly for auto-posting. It does almost everything on social media websites for good business promotion.

You pay once to enjoy all these features with lifetime support and updates. You will be one step closer to the future where everything is performing by automatic systems. You don’t have to do dull repetitive work anymore.

The Social Rabbit Plugin will work in accordance with your settings, publicize the templates you write and the pictures you add. You are the boss. If you haven’t tried this plugin yet, just do it right away.

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