Havells HD3151 Foldable Hair Dryer 1600W

  • 2 year Guarantee
  • Gentle drying with 1200w
  • Gently directs the airflow in specific sections
  • Gives better control during styling
  • 3 temperature setting (hot, warm and cool)
  • Concentrator with fixed nozzle
  • Double protection against over heating
  • Honey comb inlet is specially designed to avoid tangling of the hair
  • Heat balance technology
  • Number of Speed Settings: 2
  • Number of Heat Settings: 3


Havells HD3151 Foldable Hair Dryer 1600W

Dry and Style with the  compact Havells HD3151 Foldable Hair Dryer, comes with a powerful motor that maintains beautiful , healthy hair and saves hair from damage due to the excessive heat.

When handling it, the Havells HD3151 Foldable Hair Dryer has a cool-shot button that provides cold airflow for your convenience. This dryer also comes with a storage hook that makes it easier to hang near you while working with it, for easier access.

This product is equipped with a technology for heat balance that ensures that hot air spreads evenly to prevent damage to your hair. The technology would result in lower sensitivity to warmth.

There are three temperature settings on this hair dryer, which include hot, cold, and warm. Depending on your hair needs, this environment can be altered comfortably. A concentrator that has a fixed nozzle comes with this package. In your preferred or guided location, the concentrator will concentrate the air.

The Havells HD3151 Foldable Hair Dryer uses a high quality power cable to supply power. For you to work freely with the unit, its power cord measures approximately 1.6 metres. This product has double security that prevents overheating of the unit, which can damage it, your hair, or your hand.

A honey-comb inlet also comes with this dryer, which keeps the hair from becoming tangled. For improved comfort and quick handling, the hair dryer has great ergonomics.

The buttons on the front of the side are well designed to make it easier for your fingers to access while still in operation. For your comfort and easy handling, this product has the best style.

The Havells HD3151 Foldable Hair Dryer has a foldable handle, which makes it easy to store and transport while travelling, giving the product a compact design. This product has a cool air-shot that is a low-temperature airflow that is used after completion of the drying session to set your best hairstyle. The outcomes are long-lasting.

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