Elementor 3.0 Review: New Theme Builder And Design System

The Elementor team released the newest version of Elementor, Elementor 3.0 in the August month of 2020. Elementor 3.0 is perhaps a major upgrade as it comes with cool new and ground breaking features and also a whole new way to built websites.

Elementor 3.0 was released with one major goal which is to help professional web designers obtain their jobs done more quickly in a professional, effective means.

The newest version available for Elementor Free is Version 3.0.3 and for Elementor Pro is Version 3.0.1.

Elementor 3.0 is a major upgrade. It’s strongly recommended that you take the backup of your website before upgrading to Version 3.0.

The key features introduced by Elementor with it’s new update are:

  • New Theme Builder
  • Site Settings
  • Design System
  • Theme Style

In this short article, we will completely cover the new big features provided by Elementor 3.0 and also exactly how they can help you create faster and more consistent websites and help you save so much of time in obtaining a site done.

new theme builder

One of the main reasons why Elementor is the most prominent and best page building plugin is due to the fact that it comes with a Theme Building Function.

elementor 3.0 review

This function enables you to develop custom layouts for website components like header, footer, single post template, archive web pages, post template, WooCommerce pages, and so on.

You can do this all without touching a single line of code. Everything there is drag and drop, with Elementor’s extremely user-friendly editor. In version 3.0, you will see a brand new interface of Theme Builder accessed via the same route as in Version 2.0.

In Elementor 3.0 the Theme Builder user interface is way better than it’s old version. To create a new design template, you can simply click Blue Plus Button on the theme component you want to create custom template for. Or you can likewise click the Add New button on the upper-right corner.

elementor 3.0 review

The brand-new Theme Builder also provides an instant display condition edit, permitting you to designate a certain template to various other parts of your website.

The actual thing good is, Elementor does not alter the creating process of the design templates. You can still develop the template using the Elementor’s intuitive editor. When you are done, you can still set the display conditions just like in the past.

The new Elementor Theme Builder doesn’t changes the way how you create your templates, it only change the way how you organise your templates.

Site Settings

Version 3.0 has made the Elementor a complete WordPress based website builder tool, rather than simply a web page builder.

elementor 3.0 review

No matter which WordPress theme you make use of, you will be able to establish some essential things like website identity (site name, site description, website logo, as well as favicon), default background, default format, and also lightbox. You can likewise set custom CSS before you start working on web pages if you use Elementor Pro.

elementor 3.0 review

Using Site Settings you can do all things mentioned above, which can also be accessed via the Global Settings Panel. The Elementor Site Settings feature is quite similar to the WordPress theme customizer.

With this new feature, Elementor lets you control all the essential things of your WordPress-based site.

If you are looking to start a new e-commerce website, check out the best e-commerce wordpress themes.

Design System

This could be an odd term for you, particularly if you only develop sites for yourself.

Many web developers create the design concept using design apps like Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, or any other comparable app. The design concept regulates making use of color scheme, typography, the types of buttons, and also other elements of the design. The implementation of the design concept is the developer team’s duty.

Now if the site includes tens of pages and if there are some revisions of the design concept, how much time it requires to revise the pages. In addition to other components like the header or footer.

This is exactly how a Design System comes into play. You will be able to make the changes to the pages (such as typography, colour and so on) from a single area. A single modification will certainly be applied to all pages on the website.

The idea of Design System also makes certain your site has a constant color scheme as well as typography.

The Design System of Elementor has 2 components:

  • Global Colors
  • Global Fonts
elementor 3.0 review

Both these components of Design System can be accessed through the Elementor Global Settings Panel. Design System is available for both Elementor Free and also for Elementor Pro.

Global colors

A brand new method of working with websitesite colors has been introduced by Elementor Version 3.0 which is the Global Colors. When you are building a web site, choosing an ideal colour is among the tricky jobs.

In website design colour represents the brand identity. Global Colors allows you to use new color in numerous pages at once from one place.

Elementor offers you 4 default Global Colors and you can likewise create brand-new ones yourself from site settings of Elementors settings panel.

WP Pagebuilders has a great tutorial on How to use the Elementor Global Colors feature.

elementor 3.0 review

You can simply go to site settings and then to Global Colors and click the Add Color button to establish a brand new global color and update. you can also name your brand new global color with your choice.

elementor 3.0 review

Now to use a global color on a design element, you can just add a brand-new widget or modify an existing one.

Along with widgets, you can additionally use global color as the background color of a section, column and other design elements of Elementor.

If you want to change the color of a global color, simply go to the Global Settings Panel and choose the new color you like.

Global fonts

The building blocks of any website are it’s colors and the typography. Thus, font choice is also a crucial action when it comes to internet site building.

Along with the color scheme, an excellent internet site is the one that has a regular typography setting, especially the font family. Using the global font style allows you to change the typography of a particular section, say the heading text, on all pages simultaneously.

elementor 3.0 review

Just like the global colors, you can transform the typography settings from the Global Settings Panel.

Making use of global font styles is fairly similar to global colors. You can open up the Global Settings Panel and pick global fonts. By default, there are 4 global font styles you can select from. To modify a global font, you can click the Pencil Icon on the connected global font style.

elementor 3.0 review

With global fonts you can globally configure all your typography settings including font family, font style, font weight, font design, letter spacing, line height, responsive settings and more.

Theme Style

Theme Style is another function to enhance your workflow to get things done quicker. You can additionally access this from the global Setups panel. This function enables you to create presets for 4 design elements:

  • Typography
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Form fields
elementor 3.0 review

With the Elementor Theme Style function, you can create presets for the four above essential elements.

For instance, if you created a preset for button element, you don’t need to set the designing from the scratch each time you want to add a button on any page or a specific area of the web page.

To create a new preset, just go to the Global Settings Panel. On the theme style block you can select the element you want to create the preset of.

Elementor 3.0 Verdict

Version 3.0 is a major release from Elementor and is packed full of goodies. It brings some cool new features, so, you don’t require to go anywhere to develop your website as every little thing has been offered in the exact same place which is the Global Settings Panel. You will be able to access everything from the Global Settings Panel like:

  • New Theme Builder
  • Design System (Global Colors and Global Fonts)
  • Theme Style (Typography, Buttons, Images and Form Fields)
  • New Site Settings Panel (Site identity, Background, Layout, Lightbox and Custom CSS)

This launch places Elementor way ahead of its competitors.

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