Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

  • Dynamic RGB backlighting across three zones, with full customization of colors and lighting effects
  • Dust and spill resistant design rated up to IP42 protection guards against accidents so your gameplay never has to stop
  • Six programmable macro keys give you the in-game advantage of powerful macros or key remaps
  • Detachable, soft rubber palm rest reduces stress on your wrists so you can play longer in comfort
  • Dedicated volume and media controls give you direct control over your audio without having to interrupt your game
  • Powerful corsair iCUE software enables vivid dynamic RGB lighting control
  • Sophisticated macro programming and full-system lighting synchronization across all iCUE-compatible Corsair devices
  • Quiet and responsive keys for comfortable typing during both work and play
  • Anti-ghosting with selective key rollover means your inputs register in-game even with simultaneous key presses
  • Windows key lock mode ensures you’ll never accidentally interrupt your game at critical moments


Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard is a great budget keyboard choice with numerous features for anyone who isn’t up to investing money which some keyboards cost. When it comes to keyboards, Corsair gaming keyboard has a number of variants and not just high-end ones. The Corsair gaming k55 rgb keyboard is a budget version that can be purchased with the Corsair Harpoon often as a package and has some nice features for the price.

The Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard has a very basic, stylish design and is entirely made of matte black plastic and as a result looks compact. It sports Membrane switches, and has some rudimentary RGB backlighting and effects with full customization. The Corsair K55 sports dedicated media keys and 6 additional buttons for macros. It might not be the finest keyboard ever developed by Corsair, but it definitely seems to have some potential.

The Corsair K55 is a 100% full-size keyboard and is almost the same size as other Corsair keyboards. It has a length of 48 cm and the extra macro keys are placed on the left side. The keyboard width (16.6cm) makes some function keys to sit along its top and the average depth is 3.4 cm. It only weighs 822 g because of the materials and feels lightweight to hold. The keyboard comes with a soft rubber removable wrist rest at the bottom to ensure additional comfort during long gaming sessions. The rest is made in the same way as the ones we see in costly K70 keyboards.

The keycaps used on the Corsair gaming keyboard have a very flat design with a smooth ergonomic curve that goes from left to right to help nestle your fingers in the key. Like several other Corsair keyboards, the keys have a ‘floating’ presence that supports the RGB lighting aesthetic and the overall look. Instead of lights behind every key, there are three different lighting zones. These zones can be customized in a variety of colour combinations like static or pulsing and fading between colours. There is also a rainbow effect!

The six programmable macro keys on the left side are another valuable addition to the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard and quite useful not only for gamers but also for many other tasks, like editing images and videos.

You can programme these macro keys without using any software, thanks to the convenient macro record button located on the shiny strip at the top of the keyboard. A number of dedicated multimedia control buttons and a set of small keys for recording macros and adjusting lighting settings are also available here. The dedicated volume and media playback buttons enable you to control of all of your media without interrupting the game.

Compared to the other materials such as PBT, the keycaps are built of ABS plastic that can wear very quickly over time, but this is a normal keycap material and it can feature even pricey keyboards. With the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard, there’s no keycap removal tool, however the keys do not need much force to remove them, and if needed, the board can be cleaned also.

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