What is Affiliate Marketing | Best Affiliate Marketing for beginners

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

We need to know what affiliate marketing is until we know which is the best affiliate marketing for beginners.

There are three parties involved in affiliate marketing. There’s a seller or an affiliate network, just assume it to be Amazon Affiliate Marketing, and then you will be there as an affiliate where you will promote the seller’s products through a special affiliate link.

Nearly all famous companies, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Ola, Uber, Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato, use affiliate marketing to drive more buyers. So you get a commission and you make money when someone buys a product through your affiliate link.

The most important question, however, is how this affiliate marketing can assist you. Well, online earning on autopilot is probably the greatest advantage.

Who Can Learn Affiliate Marketing?

8 Affiliate Marketing tips

You don’t need any advanced training, nor do you need any professional experience. All you need is a laptop or desktop, and a connection to the internet. In affiliate marketing for beginners, this is everything you need and the best thing about affiliate marketing is that you earn cash from the comfort of your home.

Affiliate marketing is really simple for beginners. There is no age requirement, no big fee for the course, just your eagerness to learn, and your willingness to earn money online.

Which Affiliate Network Should You Choose?

Best Affiliate Marketing for beginners

Now let’s discuss about which affiliate marketing to concentrate on for beginners. There are plenty of affiliate networks in the market. 

Although there are more complex ones like Clickbank and Commission Junction, in order to make money, you need the skills of specialized digital marketing. This is because it is just way too big for the competition.

Amazon is the best Affiliate Marketing for beginners who are just starting out and the one I recommend. It’s easy to run and promote and now I’ll tell you why you should be focusing only on Amazon.in.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Network

Amazon is recognised as the world’s largest e-commerce website. Amazon.com gets monthly visitors of more than 2.5B. More than 360M monthly visitors are driven by Amazon India.

The best thing now is that any successful affiliate marketer is targeting Amazon.com in the US market, while Amazon India or Amazon.in typically have little competition. So earning money from an Indian Amazon associate account is 100 times easier than marketing it on the US market at Amazon.com.

Best Affiliate Marketing for beginners

Why Should You Join Amazon Affiliate Marketing Network

There are many other reasons why Amazon affiliate marketing network is best affiliate marketing for beginners Once you start promoting your Amazon affiliate links the cookie period is for 24 hours.

So whatever the customer purchases in between those 24 hours, you get the commission for that and the best point is that you get paid the affiliate commission for the entire cart. So let’s assume you refer somebody to purchase a shirt, but the person ends up buying a t-shirt, a jeans and a shoes as well.

So you get the affiliate commission for the entire cart value and not just the only product that you recommended. This is the best part about the Amazon Associate Affiliate link and this is best affiliate marketing for beginners.

And since Amazon has so much data and optimization, majority of the people end up buying so many other products and not just the product you recommend. The other benefit is the Amazon brand. Amazon is now one of the biggest e-commerce website in India. They spend billions in advertising and now everyone knows about Amazon.

So there’s a trust from the consumers from the biggest e-commerce website Amazon, so the conversion rate of people buying from the Amazon is also very high. This also helps in getting more sales and hence, making more affiliate commissions.

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How Can You Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Best Affiliate Marketing for beginners

Now let’s talk about how can you make money from affiliate marketing. The easy answer is create a website and scale it. There are many benefits of starting and scaling affiliate websites. Just as I mentioned, the competition in India is very low.

There are many others ways apart from affiliate links that you can make money from your affiliate website. You get sponsorship opportunities, branches will start e-mailing you, you’ll also be making money from sponsored links, sponsored reviews.

The other ways of doing affiliate marketing for beginners are like opening a YouTube channel in any niche. Like many other YouTubers are doing, and they are also making good affiliate revenue.

You can create a fashion-related channel and promote fashion-related products. You can also create a technology-based YouTube channel and promote, but the main point to stress is that YouTube is getting competitive.

Already for all the popular categories, be it fashion, be it gardening, be it technology, YouTubers are dominating it. It was easier a couple of years back when the competition was low. Now already majority of the profitable niche has a channel dominating.

Promoting Links On Social Media

what is affiliate marketing

1. Youtube

You can open a YouTube channel and you will be able to scale it. But it is extremely difficult. Now, I’m not saying that you won’t be able to do it. It will be difficult to scale, you’ll have to be patient.

You also have to show your face and you’ll also have to invest in expensive equipment. But then again YouTube is more competitive compared to the Amazon alternative that I’m telling you.

2. Facebook

Every social media platforms is going with the pay-to-play mode. Like the case of Facebook, earlier the organic reach was very high.

So let’s say you have 10,000 page likes, if you post a new post, you’ll be able to reach that 10,000 people. The organic reach is dead, so you won’t be able to promote your affiliate links in a profitable manner. But now Facebook wants you to pay money in order to reach the people who even like your page.

3. Instagram

Now, let’s talk about promoting affiliate links through Instagram. One thing that I should mention is that every social media platform comes and goes. So Instagram might not be able to survive in a couple of years. Also getting followers in 2020 is extremely difficult compared to a couple of years back.

Now the competition on Instagram is also growing and also Instagram wants you to pay money to get those followers. So the organic growth is down.

And the worst part about Instagram is that there is only one place where you can add the affiliate link that is the bio. So the number of affiliate links will be far less and hence the oral commission that you make in a month will be much lower. This is why I don’t recommend Instagram as the only source of promoting your affiliate links.

So the best affiliate marketing for beginners is Amazon and I don’t recommend either going into Instagram or YouTube or a Facebook page or a group.

The smart strategy in affiliate marketing for beginners is to go into a low competition area, start a website and dominate it before it gets too competitive. Also, once your affiliate sites start getting traffic, you can move to the various verticals like YouTube channel or Instagram account.

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