Best 4K TV To Buy In 2021 (Hisense, Sony, TCL, LG)

Are you looking for a new best 4k TV in India? It is not as easy as it sounds to find the best 4k TVs. You want to have a 4K Smart TV that provides you an excellent quality images, high definition sound and the latest intelligent features, all at a reasonable price.

But it is usually hard to find the perfect mix, particularly when it comes to keeping prices down. What’s more, with deals already rolling in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there’s a fair chance that you’ll be able to get a good discount on a new 4K TV.

We are here to help you with our recommendations for the best 4K TV in India. This list has best TVs for any budget, from stunning looking OLED 4K TVs, from Sony and Samsung, to high-value picks from Hisense and TCL. Every TV on the list also has 4K HDR features and Smart TV features.

Best 4K TV 2021

1. Best Budget 4K TV: Hisense H8G

hisense h8g 4k tv

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So first up, if you’re on a budget, then you must check out the Hisense H8G, the predecessor of H8F. With Google Assistant integration, good HDR performance, and powerful Dolby Atmos sound, the Hisense H8G Quantum Series is an affordably priced 4K Android TV.

Google Assistant is an amazing voice command system which can be used to open apps, switch inputs, and control volume. It’s the best 4K TV for most uses. Once you have signed into your Google account, all major apps can be accessed through the Android app store and they load pretty fast.

Thanks to its brilliant contrast ratio and the decent fuller local dimming function which makes it a great TV to watch movies in the dark rooms. It’s a decent option for watching TV shows or sports.

There’s a special picture mode for gamers that cuts off all extra processing and cuts the input lag to just 13.6ms. The input lag measures 65ms in all the other picture modes, so switching to game mode is a need of. The Android TV smart platform works very well and provides you quick access on its remote to popular apps like YouTube and Netflix.

2. Best Budget HDR TV: Hisense H9G

hisense h9g 4k tv

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If you are after a TV for HDR, but are looking for a cheaper option, then check out the Hisense H9G. It’s the next step up from the H8G and offers improvements across the board. Speaking about the Quantum Hisense H9G, this TV is among the year’s blackest and brightest TVs you can purchase.

If there’s some drawback, is that it doesn’t do color exactly accurate, but I don’t think that most people are super sensitive to that. The Hisense H9G is the one that you need to go for if you want a 4K Smart TV that has a lot of pop and looks especially excellent for HDR, you will definitely have no issue dealing with the bright light coming into your room. It doesn’t get quite as bright in real content though.

So bright highlights might not feel as impactful. It also doesn’t have quite as wide a color gamut. So vivid colors in HDR content wouldn’t stand out as much. Despite this it’s still an excellent choice for HDR. It doesn’t have any newer HDMI 2.1 features though.

You get a very good Android TV experience as a bonus. It works with Alexa and the Chrome cast is also installed right there in Google Assistant. There is enough reason for putting the Hisense H9G Quantum Series on your list if you want to get a large low-cost Android smart TV with amazing sound.

3. Best 4K TV for the money: TCL 6 Series/R635

TCL R635 4k tv

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Next on the list of best 4K Tv is the 55inch variant TCL 6 Series R635 QLED TV. This 4K TV offers some amazing technology built-in and good overall performance including many led backlights. That means the backlights are super tiny on this TV, and there are so many of them which gives the picture really great power.

Specifically black levels are monitored very well. On those black backgrounds, you get really vivid, punchy HDR objects without a bunch of halos. The precision of colour is quite respectable. And then of course, there’s Roku TV OS, which is very easy to use and has ton of apps to download.

Put all of this together and there is no question that without compromising image quality, it’s one of the best budget choices on the market today. And because we’re talking about six-series TCL, let’s talk about the 65-inch edition, which is under a thousand dollars and a great performer. Basically, with the 65 inch model, you get more of everything that there is to love about the 55 inch 4k tv.

And I’ve found is that the performance of this Smart 4K TV is just a bit better with more mini led backlights and more dimming zones than the 55 inch model, which is typically not the case, but that’s what I’m observing here. At the 65 inch mark, this TCL six series is like the smartest purchase you can make this year on TV. Read full review on

4. Sony X900H

Sony X900H 4k tv

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Up next is the Sony X900H. This Sony 4k Smart Tv is performing extremely well and has an outstanding design. If you’re a movie lover who also likes to game, you have to pay attention to this particular Sony 4k TV.

Because not only does it have a very stylish and cinematic look, particularly for an led LCD TV, but it’s also going to receive an update later this year, so it is gonna play very nice with the Sony PS5.

Since both X900H and PS5 are the products from Sony, so the company has made sure that the two pair well with each other. When the Auto Picture Mode is on and the X900H detects a PS5, it automatically changes the picture mode to either the game or the selected setting that can be set up by the user.

The Sony X900H 4K TV is a good Tv for most of the uses. Thanks to its high peak brightness, fantastic contrast ratio and wide colour gamut, it provides high image quality. It has a quick response time resulting in very little blur of motion, and its input lag is sufficiently low to satisfy even the serious gamers. The HDR content is provided with vibrant colours and highlights that pop.

Sadly, it has narrow viewing angles, making it less suitable for large rooms or large sitting areas. So, if you like to play games and you’re also a movie lover that loves watching movies in cinematic picture quality, and you’re also thinking about to get that PS5, then the Sony X900H is the best 4K TV in India for you.

5. Sony A8H OLED TV

Sony A8H 4k tv

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The Sony A8H is my favourite 4K TV this year in terms of pure picture quality. The only reason I don’t call it the best 4K TV of the year is because there aren’t any of the advanced gaming features like the VRR and the Auto Low Latency Mode that we hear a large number of people like to have on their 2020 TV.

The Sony A8H is an outstanding OLED TV that produces excellent picture quality for every type of content. This 4K TV delivers perfect blacks with infinite contrast ratio, which is fantastic for those who choose to watch in a darkened room.

No blooming around bright objects will distract you because there is no backlight. Also, it sounds really good as the transducers are on the screen. So, the sound is actually coming from the screen which is really powerful.

In fact, I think you get away with not getting a soundbar with this television. Because of its wide viewing angles the picture will stay accurate and you will get a good looking picture even if you’re sitting off to the side.

The input lag is low and the response time is also almost instantaneous. So again, if you love cinematic picture quality, and you also want the bonus of having a great sounding TV, the Sony A8H is an excellent choice.


LG CX 4k tv

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In my view, the best 4K TV that you can buy in 2020 is the LG CX OLED TV. Choose the 55inch or the 65inch or go for the tiny 48inch. This year the CX Oled from LG is the most sophisticated LG 4K TV I’ve seen and it has outstanding picture quality. LG’s been longer than anyone else at this oled game, and they’ve really mastered their art.

The image quality is excellent again and is perfect to watch shows during the day as it has great reflection handling and the wide viewing angles. LG likes to drive the HDR, highlights on the LG CX a little bit more than the Sony A8H That I listed before. In some ways, it also appears to prefer deep blacks to overshadow detail which makes it amazing to watch movies in the dark.

LG is the only manufacturer out there putting four HTMI 2.1 ports in it’s TVs, it supports 4K HDR gaming up to 120 FPS with variable refresh rate and a bunch of other gaming friendly features like VRR support, Low input lag, Near-instant response time, FreeSync support and the GSync support for perfect gaming experience.

This being the most advanced TV having outstanding picture quality, made it a pretty easy pick as best 4K TV of the year.

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