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If you’ve really ever tried to create an app after thinking up a great idea, You’re in the correct place. Yes, you can be driven by the fear of coding not to act on creating your own app or put off searching for the best tools for app building.

Well the great news is that there is a mobile app builder called Android App Builder which will help you entering the mobile app market in a simple and easy way than ever, with no coding skills or experience needed.

You can develop and manage your mobile site or application using Android App Builder whether it’s for your company, product, blog, service, or just something completely random. With Android App Builder you can create unlimited number of native Android Apps without writing a single line of code.

What Is Android App Builder

Android App Builder is a software to create Native Android Apps. Without writing a single line of code, you will have your Android App ready with this Mobile App Builder. You don’t have to open your Android Studio, either. The Android App Builder works for you just like a team. All of the following operations can be done with the Android App Builder:

  • Generate your project ready to be run.
  • Test your new application on an emulator or a real device.
  • Generate a signed APK or an App Bundle to publish.

It has the perfect concept for anyone who has no programming skills and for those who are Android developers.

Android App Builder is a desktop software which will always stay with you once you install it on your computer. All your projects are created and compiled on your computer. You will never have to enter passwords, secret codes or ids on anyone’s website.

With Android App Builder you can create your Android App in minutes, no matter if you have got any programming skills or not. Android App Builder is a simple and easy-to-use self documented software with graphical user interface. It currently supports twelve sections: WordPress, Webview, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Contact Form, Offline Page, WordPress Page, Link to URL.

best android app builder
best android app builder

These sections may be added, edited or re-ordered according to your project’s needs. Android App Builder generates a ready-to-run project that contains the requisite source files for you when you are ready. Without writing a single line of code, you will have an app that you can submit to the Play Store.

Android App Builder has the same build system (Gradle) as is used by the Android Studio. Therefore, Android Studio will directly open projects created by the Android App Builder. So before you publish it, you can completely customise it or you can just also use it as a starter template for your new project.

Android App Builder Key Features:

  • Unlimited Apps – Buy once then create unlimited number of Android apps.
  • Generate signed App Bundle and signed APK.
  • AdMob support, OneSignal support.
  • Install to emulator or a device for testing.
  • Fully compatible with Android Studio 3.6.
  • Customizable splash screen and Error & No Internet Dialog.
  • Swipe down to refresh and ‘Rate This App’ menu option.
  • Lets you share your content to your users with the share option.
  • Ready for translation
  • You can change the launcher icon, package name, app name, version name and version code.

How Android App Builder works:

best android app builder
  1. Add the sections that you need. (WordPress, Webview, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, Contact Form, Offline Page, WordPress Page, Link to URL)
  2. Generate your project with just one click.
  3. You can test your app on emulator or a real device id you like to.
  4. If you ready, create your Signed APK or App Bundle with just one click.

That’s it. You are ready to publish your Android App.

If you’d like to add an additional section to your application in the future that uses a different content provider (WordPress, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter…) you can easily do it with this Mobile App Builder in a few minutes. You open the project and add the content provider section you need and then create a new APK or App Bundle. 

In a couple of minutes, you are ready to upload the new version to the Play Store. It’s not required for you to search for a new template. You don’t have to make efforts to add it to your project. You don’t even have to open the Android Studio.

mobile app builder

Android App Builder Requirements:

Android App Builder works on both Windows and Mac systems. The following versions are supported:

  • Mac OS X 10.12 or newer.
  • Windows 10 (8u51 and above)
  • Windows 8.x (Desktop)
  • Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows Vista SP2
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