9 Best Tips To Get Your Affiliate Content Rank On Google

In order to rank on google search results one of the most common questions in 2020 regarding to affiliate marketing websites is do you need to pay for SEO?

In this article I’m going to explain in detail why you don’t need to pay anything to get your articles to show up in google search results and I’m gonna share 9 best tips on how to get your articles rank on google.

So the big question is do you need to pay to get your affiliate marketing articles rank on google. You guys may know that the main way by which you’re going to get traffic to your affiliate marketing websites is through organic google search results.

How to rank your affiliate content on google

When someone goes into google.com and they search there something that is similar to an article on your website. They start scrolling through and find your article. They see the title and the snippet about the article they were looking for and they click on that article, and go to your website all completely for free.

The reason why this is the best type of traffic is because you don’t have to pay anything for it. The more articles that you can get to rank on google the more traffic you will get to your website.

Let’s go ahead and get started with tip number 1 on how to rank on google.

1. Choose good article topics

To rank on google the first tip I have for you is to make sure that you’re choosing good article topics. You have to find out that the article that you spent all your precious time writing is a good topic so when it goes into google search results it ranks on number one position.

A lot of fierce competitors are already there, by fierce competitors I mean there are already a lot of websites that have been around for ages and have thousands of articles on their website. You’ve to beat those competitors in order to rank on number one .

So the simple and best strategy is to find good article topics to write about by doing your own research on google searches.

As your website starts getting bigger you yourself become more fierce than your competitor and you can start to rank on Google on more competitive topics and beat other websites.

2. Pick good titles

get your affiliate content rank on Google

To rank on google do a research by looking at the search results in google. Look at the other competitors article titles that you’re going to be writing articles with and make sure that your title is always better than theirs.

Think about if you are someone searching on google and you saw your article and your competitors article right next to each other which one would you click on.

To give you a perfect example if their article is “5 of the best things in a particular niche”.¬† Make sure that your article is something like “10 of the best things in the same niche” or “15 of the best things in the same niche”.

As someone is deciding which one title they should click on, they’re likely going to click on the one which has more items in that list. Because they’ll know that they can get more information in one article than going to multiple articles to get the same amount of information.

3. Write at least 1000 words

3rd tip in order to rank on Google is that all of your articles should be minimum of 1000 words or more, because google wants to make sure that they’re ranking a substantial article.

Google doesn’t want to show you in the search results on the first page if you only have a paragraph or two paragraphs in your article.

Google wants to make sure that what they are recommending to someone to click on and go read is a substantial piece of content. We may have seen google rank articles that are less than a 1000 words but I would say as a rule of thumb try to get at least a 1000 words in your article.

You can even go up to 3,000 words or more if you need to. So the length of your article may need to be longer to outrank the competitors. That’s how to rank higher on Google.

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4. Create good content


Make sure that the content that you’re writing is not only long and lengthy, but it is also filled with good content.

One of the best ways to make sure that google sees that the content is good in your article is putting in links to great resources.

As the google robots are crawling through your articles they will see that you are linking out and branching out to helpful resources for the readers. This is a great sign and is going to help you to rank higher in google.

One of the main things that google is looking at to see where to rank you on Google in these search results is how long someone stays on that article once they’ve clicked on it and started reading it. This is where those last two tips come into play.

If you have a lengthy article filled with good content and links throughout, people are going to stay on your article longer which in turn shows google that it’s a better article and they will start ranking you higher.

5. A catchy image

How to rank your affiliate content on google

Your images must be great images that catches someone’s attention and is relevant to the article. There’s one metric that google looks at called your bounce rate and essentially what that measures is when someone clicks on your article from google and they land on your page.

Do they stay on the page and continue reading or do they just go back to google and find something else in the search results.

One of the best ways to make sure that people stay on your website once they click on it is to have a really good and relevant image.

The image is at the top of your article and it’s one of the first things that someone’s going to see as soon as they get there from google.

So make sure that you take time in picking which image you’re going to use and make sure that it’s relevant to what the reader Is expecting when they’re clicking from google on to your site.

6. Properly size image

Make sure that the image is sized properly. Yes, we do want to have a clear high-quality image but we don’t want the full size of that image because it is way too big.

The ideal size that you should be using for your article images is 960 pixels by 640 pixels.

Depending on the aspect ratio of that photo it may vary a little bit, but make sure that 960 pixels is set properly and the other one very close to 640 pixels and make sure that the image is still clear and it still looks high quality.

You can do one step further once you’ve sized that image to 960 by 640, you can then upload it to a compressor and make it even smaller.

Kinsta has a great tutorial on How to Optimize Images for Web and Performance.

7. Create a Facebook page

Create a Facebook page specifically for your affiliate marketing website to rank on Google. The purpose of this page once you create it is not really to build up a lot of followers. However, it needs to get backlinks.

So once you publish an article to your affiliate marketing website just go over to the facebook page and post the title and a link to that article. This is just going to show google that you do have other websites linking to your website and your specific articles.

It’s only going to help you by giving you more backlinks to power up your articles a bit so they rank higher in google.

8. Create an Instagram page

How to rank your affiliate content on google

Create an Instagram page and the cool thing about Instagram is all of your posts are going to be photos and you can use these same photos that you use for your articles.

The really special thing here is that you can use hashtags on your Instagram posts.

The hashtags are basically niche related topics and the benefit that they give us is giving us organic traffic back to our site every time you make a post on this Instagram page. You can put in up to 30 hashtags on each of the posts.

Now in those 30 hashtags you have to make sure that you’re using hashtags related to the niche or the specific article that you’re writing about. What this will do is it’ll show that post to people interested in those topics, even if they aren’t following your specific Instagram page.

Now one of the downsides to Instagram is you can’t link directly from each of the post so you can’t put in the article link so someone can click it. The only place that you can put a link on your Instagram page is in the website box in your bio. You will just link directly to the homepage of your marketing website.

9. Create a Pinterest page

It goes right along with Facebook and Instagram, but this is creating a specific Pinterest page for your affiliate marketing website to rank on Google.

Pinterest is pretty cool because it’s very similar to Instagram except people can click directly on each of those pins and go directly to the article.

Now the key here for Pinterest posts is to make sure that you’re making really good posts. There is a lot of competition on Pinterest but if you’re making really attractive posts formatted vertically so they take up a lot of space on Pinterest and catch people’s eyes.

As they’re scrolling you can get a lot of free organic traffic this way and it’s going to give you another backlink to help you rank on google.

So guys I hope this article would be helpful for you to get your affiliate marketing articles rank on google in a better way.

Just remember you don’t have to pay a single dollar to get your articles rank on google. It’s just doing the right thing so that google sees them and ranks them on their own.

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